"Mi volt előbb, a zene vagy a szenvedés? Azért hallgattam zenét, mert szenvedtem? Vagy azért szenvedtem, mert zenét hallgattam? Az a sok lemez ilyen bús-nyavalygós faszit csinál az emberből?" (Nick Hornby)

IBRIDOMA: City of Ruins (Punishment 18 Records, 2018)

2019. október 30. - Blind Man


Ibridoma is a great metal band from Italy and they released some new material last year titled City of Ruins. The album features ten new songs and most of them are the finest picks of not just the band, but the modern way of making traditional heavy / power metal music.


The classic lineup of a heavy metal band is a guarantee for some great experience during listening an album. As you can see below, Ibridoma consists of two guitarists, a bass player, a drummer and a vocalist, so everything and everybody is together for some fantastic what we call metal. This song collection titled City of Ruins is one of the best production of 2018, without a doubt. For the fans of Sabaton and Iron Maiden it can be a fresh pick next to the classic favorites.

For me, the best tracks of the ten are Sadness Comes, City of Ruins, My Nightmare, Terminator and I'm Broken. Never I had heard not only such a powerful and great production but ability of songwriting, singing and playing together. But it is not a huge miracle, the band members are doing their stuff for more than a decade, so their talent is evident. What is important that they put a lot of energy in the songs and the production, too - the album sounds as rough and dirty as heavy metal needs. The front cover is just perfect and beautful, as the co-operation of the members, especially vocalist / lyrics writer Christian Bartolacci. Listening to his voice can call back the memories of the golden age of metal from the 1980's and a little bit of Sabaton's Joakim Brodén.

City of Ruins is a powerful and energic mixture of traditional heavy and power metal from Italy so you must give it a try if you like the classic bands of these genres.

Songwriting + production + originality + memorability total: 8/10

The Band:

Bass – Leonardo Ciccarelli
Drums – Alessandro Morroni
Guitar – Marco Vitali, Sebastiano Ciccalè
Lyrics and Vocals – Christian Bartolacci


1. Sadness Comes
2. Evil Wind
3. T.F.U
4. Di nuovo inverno
5. City of Ruins
6. Angel of War
7. My Nightmare
8. Fragile
9. Terminator
10. I'm Broken


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